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Ice to Iceland

Infused with sharp wit and a humorous critique of woke culture, Richard teamed up with comic and social media influencer Moses Storm to produce a Comedy Central special for Earth Day in 2018, blending environmental consciousness with comedic commentary.
In "Ice to Iceland," Moses tackles climate change by proposing the unconventional idea of transporting ice to the Arctic as a solution to counter the effects of melting ice caps.

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Featuring industry luminaries like Nolan Bushnell, John Romero and David Crane, “Gameplay” traces the evolution of videogames from "Pong" to "Pac Man" and "Super Mario" to "Lara Croft", "Doom", "Grand Theft Auto" and everything in between. The documentary explores bothe the technological and societal impact of the industry.

"The film undertakes the ambitious project of illustrating both the history and social changes of the videogame revolution. One Of the best looks at the videogame revolution." 


Tyler Yates

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Lost Town

"Lost Town" delves into the haunting tale of Trochenbrod, a mythical town in Ukraine that vanished during a Nazi invasion in 1941. Made famous by Jonathan Safran Foer's Holocaust novel "Everything Is Illuminated," Trochenbrod's story is brought to life with the support of George Lucas' Skywalker Studios, offering a poignant reflection on the enduring legacy of loss and resilience.

‘Lost Town’ an imaginative tribute to memory. Richard Goldgewicht has fashioned a remarkable documentary that serves both as memorial to a vanished way of life and as celebration of persistence."

Carlo Wolf

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O Mago do Pop
(“The Pop Wizard”)

O Moga’o do Pop (“The Pop Wizzard”) is a 6 episode series on famed music producer Lincoln Olivetti, celebrated as the "pop wizard" for his influential role in shaping Brazilian funk and disco music of the 1980s and 1990s. Featuring interviews with Brazilian music luminaries such as Gilberto Gil, Maria Rita, Moraes Moreira, and Lulu Santos, the series showcases Lincoln's international significance in the music industry and his enduring impact on Brazilian culture.