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Richard Goldgewicht


Richard Goldgewicht is a Brazilian filmmaker based in Los Angeles who has worked in the space of fiction, documentary and animation. His work has played major film festivals around the world. His directorial debut PABLO (starring Jeff Bridges), about counter-cultural artist and film designer, Pablo Ferro opened at the Rotterdam Film Festival to great critical acclaim before selling to Netflix. 

His recent effort, the animated A THOUSAND KISSES opened at the Annecy Film Festival and has since played over 150 festivals collecting several film and design awards and being presented in museums in the US, Germany and Brazil.

Richard's directing credits also include projects for the BBC, Comedy Central, and music documentary series for Music Box Brazil. He was the recipient of 3 Telly Awards for his directing work on the Provivi Farmers' advertising campaign.

Currently, Richard has completed the documentary, THE ALVARADO, which centers around the experiences of several straight men navigating the complexities of cancel culture.


In 2021, RG FILMS was the recipient of 3 Telly Awards for the Provivi Farmer's Campaign.


The Alvarado

Encouraged by the stay at home orders of 2020, filmmaker Richard Goldgewicht challenges 7 friends to have a drink with him at his house. The result adds up to exceedingly intimate and engaging interviews in a film filled with energy and clear affection for its subjects.


Part time capsule of East Los Angeles during the height of the pandemic, part irreverent essay on masculinity in times of cancel culture, the Alvarado shows an intriguing gaze at friendship and a high sense of originality.


“There is a high sense of originality and personality, as “The Alvarado,” with its name and aura, is introduced almost as a place of legend."


"An intriguing gaze at friendship."


"It's ethnographic cinema. 

With liquor!"



Narrated by Jeff Bridges, Pablo tells the story of seminal graphic artist Pablo Ferro. Distinct by its original blend of animation and documentary the film features a host of brilliant filmmakers and creative collaborators (such as Stan Lee, Jonathan Demme, Norman Jewison, Anjelica Huston, Andy Garcia among many others) to tell the story about the hugely influential designer and counter-cultural artist behind the look and feel of much of Stanley Kubrick’s and Hal Ashby’s work, and one of the men who made title sequences “a thing.”


Richard's debut film premiered in Rotterdam and was the opening Gala at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival in 2013. Pablo opened to laudatory reviews, featured in dozens of cinema and design publications internationally, and sold in several territories.

"Pablo is a wonderful delve into the life and talent of renowned film title designer, artist, and bohemian Pablo Ferro, this enthralling documentary is a must for any lover of cinema"


Mark Adams

Chief film Critic 


"The story of some of the greatest films in American cinema through the perspective of a graphic designer"

Steven Heller     


"A fully realized and remarkable visual and aural interpretation of Pablo Ferro's singular life. I love the expressive documentary and with Pablo I have a new favorite!"


Thomas Harris,

Director of programming 


A Thousand Kisses
Animated Film

In Richard's latest film, the animated A Thousand Kisses he collaborated with celebrated Irish art director Alan Dunne who helped re imagine the Berlin and Rio de Janeiro of the early 30's. The screenplay is carved off the recently discovered correspondence of a war torn couple separated in 1933 and features the voice of Golden Globe winner actress Elke Sommer.
A Thousand Kisses premiered at the esteemed Annecy Film Festival in 2018 and has been warmly received in over 100 festivals, museums and cultural centers such as the Lincoln Center Film Society and the Castro Cinema during the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.


"A Thousand Kisses is a stunningly beautiful film about a horrifically ugly time that selects a half-forgotten story, from the endless ocean of history, and uses it to teach us again how love conquers hate".


John Maguire,


Provivi Farmers
Video Campaign

Richard currently serves as creative director for agricultural company Provivi who developed a large scale non-pesticide crop protection solution based on the bio-engineering of insect pheromones. The international campaign profiles the lives of outstanding farmers with widely different work practices in Mexico, Indonesia and Kenya and will extend into three new markets in 2020/2021, promoting the adoption of the new technology overseas.


In 2021, RG FILMS was the recipient of 3 Telly Awards for the Provivi Farmer's Campaign.