About Richard

Photo by: Mitch Waxman

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I first came to Los Angeles to study cinema at UCLA at 21. After getting my start producing behind-the-scenes content for record labels and film companies and a number of Jewish Promotional videos, I made my foray into feature films with the animated documentary Pablo.

Narrated by Jeff Bridges, the film tells the story of Pablo Ferro, the artist responsible for the look and feel of much of Stanley Kubrick’s and Hal Ashby’s work, and one of the men who first made film title sequences “a thing.”

Featuring a number of brilliant actors and filmmakers who collaborated with Mr. Ferro, the documentary went on to premiere Rotterdam in 2012. It was the Opening Gala of the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, and traveled the world festival circuit.

My earlier work includes award-winning shorts such as Blue Rondo (2000) and Tel Aviv (2004), as well as two other feature documentaries - Lost Town (2013) and Gameplay (2014), which also sold internationally. The films cover a wide array of topics, ranging from music and graphic design, anti-semitism, US-Mexican relations, and the dystopian world of technology.

Splitting my time between Rio and Los Angeles, I am interested in making films that embrace the best of Hollywood's traditions, while bridging diverse cultures with a rich worldly sensibility.